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Definitions for words commonly used in the Graffiti Art world

Bite - To copy another writer's style.

Bomb - Prolific painting or marking with ink.

Buff - Any means employed by the authorities to remove graffiti from trains or walls.

To buff
- To erase.

Burn - To beat the competition.

Burner - A painting or piece.

Cap - fat or skinny Interchangeable spraycan nozzles fitted to can to vary width of spray.

Chillin - Being out and being cool.

Crew - Loosely organized group of writers, also known as a clique.

Def - Really good .

Down - In, part of the group or action (e.g., "He's down with us").

Fade - To blend colors.

Fresh - Synonymous with def

Generic - Synonymous with wak

Going over - One writer covering another writer's name with his own.

Hit - To tag up any surface with paint or ink.

Kill - To hit or bomb excessively.

King - The best with the most.

Nick - Synonymous with rack

Piece - A painting, short for masterpiece.

To piece - To paint graffiti.

Black book - A writer's sketchbook.

Rack - To steal.

Rad - The very best.

Stupid fresh - Superlatively good.

Tag - A writer's signature with marker or spray paint.

Tagging up - Writing signature with marker or spray paint.

Throw up or Fill in - A name painted quickly with one layer of spray paint and an outline.

Toy - Inexperienced or incompetent writer.

Up - Describes a writer whose work appears regularly.

Wak (wack) - Substandard or incorrect (derived from "out of whack").

Writer - Practitioner of the art of graffiti

wildstyle - A complicated construction of interlocking letters. Often completely undecipherable to non-writers.