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Article : Hip hop clothing : women, style, and the changing times

Hip hop clothing : women, style, and the changing times

By Amy Finley

Women's hip hop and urban apparel has never had so much to offer. Today there are more colors, varieties, labels, and styles than ever before in hip hop clothing. Women can choose just what they want to express their personal vibe.

Since its inception, style with an edge has always been a part of hip hop clothing. Women today, however, can choose from even more clothing choices by the growing range of shades and changing logo styles. According to, the latest trends in urban wear are more understated apparel – offering choices in chic hip hop clothing womens lines in everything from sportswear to office attire, cabbie hats to handbags.

What does your hip hop clothing say?

One reason hip hop clothing is so appealing to many women is because the choices in hip hop clothes today make it easy to express their individuality and personal expressions. From sporty Rocawear sets and Baby Phat t-shirts to sexy J-Lo miniskirts, a woman can create her own personal style in hip hop clothing. Women have many different sides, and the different faces of urban wear today let them show them all.

You can find everything from loud, bright jersey dresses and animal print halters to soft and sexy low rise cords and understated mesh tops in neutral colors in hip hop clothing. Women have a choice to be playful, serious, sexy, or demure in their hip hop clothes.

Hip hop Clothing: women and sensuality

Another reason for the continuing success and expansion of women's urban clothing lines is that many styles accentuate the sensuality of the female body in hip hop clothing. Women are beautiful in their unique form. Low rise jeans, hip hugging mini-skirts, and snug t-shirts all celebrate the curves of a woman's body. When you wear clothing that celebrates what is uniquely you, you can't help but feel good.

Popular clothing lines for women

There are dozens of manufacturers today of hip hop clothing. Women can also buy dozens of accessories from the same urban clothing companies or from companies specializing in hip hop accessories. Some of the most popular hip hop clothing lines for women include: Baby Phat, Fetish (by Eve), Diesel, Fubu, Skechers, Pelle Pelle, Tommy Girl, J-Lo, and Sean Jean.

Best place to buy women's hip hop clothing

While stores are bustling to keep up with the latest styles and demands for hip hop clothing, women have choices to find the hottest styles, usually at better prices, by shopping for hip hop clothes deals on the net. Tons of sites, including wholesalers, offer the hottest name brand hip hop clothes for less than, and usually before, you can get'em in the stores.

So whatever style, color, and label you want to wear in hip hop clothing, women can express their personal style in more ways than ever before.

Amy is a freelance journalist for PulseMedia International covering topics from fashion to fitness to family. To read her latest articles on Pulse Media, please visit . You can also visit the Pulse Media International Home Page to search by topic. For more articles women's interests, visit .
13 May 2005 by xylene