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The fourth branch video : Hip-Hop Videos

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In addition to being revolutionary in his music, Immortal Technique is also known for hisLyrical and story teller talent and has won many rap battles. His political rhymes usually describe the wrong doings of the government, the media (The 4th Branch), religion, and law enforcement. Immortal Technique is a provider of esoteric knowledge. Although he has been offered record deals with at least one major label, he has yet to sign any, because of the controls they have demanded over what he mentions on his albums.

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A new album, by Immortal Technique : The middle Passage is scheduled to come out in 2006. This Immortal technique Video - for The Fourth Branch track is not the official release. It was produced by fan and originally posted on Immortal Tehniques website. We think it goes well with the lyrics and meaning of the song. We hope to see more Immortal technique videos produced in the future..

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