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Iyan Anomolie :: Bombin

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Iyan Anomolie ::

An Artist With A Unique Name and A Unique Style
Pronounced {ion} a charged subatomic particle and {anomaly} deviation from the common rule: something different – not easily classified
Cleveland, Ohio based emcee and artist Iyan Anomolie is just as his name suggests – a unique form of creative energy, not easily classified by the categories of today's rap music scene. Iyan is the manifestation of an all-around Hip Hop artist and entertainer; possessing the talents to create vivid images in three distinct mediums – lyrically as an emcee, graphically as a graffiti writer and visually as a filmmaker.
With the release of The Book of I, his second solo project, Iyan offers more insight into why he is not only an anomaly in the rap game; but also an artist worthy of your attention. Hip Hop emceeing is all about the voice – not only what you have to say, but how you say it to the people. In The Book of I, Iyan engages the listener with witty references to popular culture and colorful metaphors, displaying his depth as an artist. His previous release in 2002, Kinetic Potential, was a declaration of who he is as an emcee and the responsibility a Hip Hop artist has to always rock the crowd. The Book of I features new songs produced by some of the region's hottest producers, including Fitt-e and Krossword of Spittin Image, Ill Advice of Play Havoc and DJ Besto. The cd is pure Hip Hop entertainment as Iyan displays storytelling ability in the tradition of emcees like Slick Rick and Common, and incorporates Hip Hop mainstays of comedic skits and dj interludes. The Book of I continues his quest to make good music and remain innovative and creative. Iyan's gimmick is that he has no gimmicks.

Crowd-rocking, live stage performing is also an asset that positions Iyan in the anomaly category. Not only an opportunity to develop stage presence and enhance visibility, it is Iyan's opportunity to share positive energy with like-minded people in the Hip Hop community. Iyan regularly headlines his own shows, along with performing with artists: Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, KRS-One, Brand Nubian, Heiroglyphics, Brother Ali, Mr. Lif, Blitz, Illogic and Blueprint. As a credit to his popularity and showmanship, Iyan has been nominated for the past two years as one of the top Hip Hop artists by Cleveland media and fans. He has also been a member of various crews and collectives, such as Espionage and the 12 Monkeys and performs with Ohio B-Boys, the Ill Style Rockers.
Iyan's formal artistic training and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Art Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania support his entertaining and engaging emcee style. Iyan has worked as an emcee and graffiti instructor for the Progressive Arts Alliance; an entertainment ambassador for Sparx in the City's “Street Beats”; shot and edited the video “Hip Hop Meets Jazz” for the Tri-C Jazz Fest and coordinated City Xpressionz, Cleveland's annual aerosol art festival.

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