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This young Brooklyn MC is already off to an exceptional start in his musical career, and he is ready to take on the world. In 1997 his first recorded song, "Hit List" , was played on New York's Hot 97 's now defunct Home Jams show. The song became an underground hit, and was played for four consecutive weeks during the final month of the Home Jams show. It created considerable buzz among underground Hip Hop heads in New York. In May of '98 he also appeared on the B-side single "Lifestyles of the Poor Wit' a Fortune" , which was released by Ope Entertainment . "I was influenced by acts like A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, and Big Daddy Kane," explains PackFM, "so every time I make a song my goal is to make music the way they imagined Hip Hop to be fifteen years later" PackFM began his distinguished battle career early, including such titles as "88HipHop MC Battle Champion" , which he held for four undefeated months until retiring and being placed in their Hall Of Fame . He was the last man standing out of 32 MC's in the legendary "Braggin' Rites" tournament. In 1999 he swept the competition at "Next Generation Battle" at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. He also won the TDK sponsored "24 Hour MC Battle" an astounding three months in a row, and was featured along with previous winners in XXL Magazine

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